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We Charge Genocide TV: BIPOC vs the United States Government for the continuing crime of genocide. In the U.S. they force US to make the case. We do it with art, power, accuracy, joy and grace.

The huge numbers of Black and Indigenous death and increasing anti-asian, anti-semitic violence demand no less.  This is antidote to the denial, erasure, continuing violence.  White Supremacy Culture is killing us. We need you to CONTRIBUTE your content that makes the case. Then we need you to INVITE others to use it to take action and spark change. 

WCGTV is an interactive database, community record, and organizational tool for artists and activists to share work, lead discussions, inspire actions, host collaboration, and accurately reflect the current and historical conditions of Black, Indigenous and People of Color.  We publish contributions on a rolling basis.  Contribute $$$ to to cover on-going costs of the site. Contribute ideas below!