You’re invited: Be part of We Charge Genocide TV Hackathons! 

What is a Hackathon?
Our hackathon’s are a virtual, design sprint event for social justice. We gather. share resources, and publish content to the site. WCGTV hackathons are community building and educational jam sessions where we are hacking the system and hacking our own minds. We want to educate, organize, and advocate for our collective future.

Hackathons begin with an acknowledgment of a genocide and a desire to find more information and share it. This can be done solo or even better in a group. We have even live-streamed to a larger audience.

First you find resources and review them fully. Ideally you do this together. Do not share what you have not fully read or watched. Then you share as much as you need to on our website. Make sure it is properly credited and leads back to where you found the information.

What is We Charge Genocide TV?
WCGTV is a grassroots, transmedia movement representing BIPOC vs. the United States Government for the continuing crime of genocide. WCGTV is an interactive database, community record, and organizational tool for artists and activists to share work, lead discussions, inspire actions, host collaboration, and accurately reflect the current and historical conditions of Black, Indigenous and People of Color. WCGTV is a project of Calling Up Justice, a transmedia production company centering social justice online, onstage, and in real life!

What are our Goals?
Our goal is to continue to build a large group of volunteers who can help us to beat the algorithms and have our revolutionary liberatory content come up first in searches. We are unapologetic about this movement! Our Hackathons are SO SIMPLE and mostly include adding tags for better searching, images for better display, and strategic sharing for increased visibility.

Who are we?
We are an asynchronous group making decisions collectively and acting individually for rapid response. We practice horizontal leadership instead of hierarchical organizing. By design our process is emergent and iterative. We are communicative and intentional.  We center Blackness and use an aggressively intersectional lens. We are BIPOC, Disabled, White Allies, LGTBTQ+, International, and based in the USA.

How can you be involved?
If you’re a student, radical leader, educator or concerned community member we want you to engage with us, help to hack on the project, teach, facilitate, learn, share content and more! Let’s talk about how to host your very own Hackathon with our team and your community. We have a simple guide that can have you online producing justice in a short span.

Let’s strike a blow to white supremacy culture –  with art, power, accuracy, and unapologetic joy.