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original sound – swat


for those of us taking covid precautions, connection is increasingly difficult to come by. so many of us feel isolated and alienated from our peers who have chosen to return to “normal” despite overwhelming evidence that “normal” is where thousands die or become disabled from covid every week. many of us have had to distance ourselves or totally cut off from friends who do not see the urgency of taking precautions.

to combat this, I’m starting this pen pal project! i personally love snail mail or emailing, but make sure you and your partner choose a medium that mutually works. the goal is to connect with other folks who are taking precautions, and I would encourage y’all to find other shared interests too. covid is not, contrary to popular belief, our singular defining trait.

no racism/ableism/any other ism, no soliciting, and no minors please (18+ only).