GUILTY on ALL Counts!

INVITATION TO ACTION: Educate yourself!

DESCRIPTION: After hearing from over 30 witnesses and receiving hundreds of documents, the Panel of Jurists found the US government and its subdivisions GUILTY of Genocide and Gross Human Rights Violations. The Executive Summary Verdict which follows is their preliminary report, with a detailed and cited ruling to appear in the near future.

EXCERPT: International Tribunal on Human Rights Abuses Against Black, Brown, and Indigenous Peoples. October 23-25, 2021. New York, NY, Turtle Island, Lenape land, USA


Charging Human Rights Abuses and Genocide Against the United States of America As represented by its President, Department of State, federal and state policing agencies, and other governmental institutions. As collected in evidence at the 2021 International Tribunal on US Human Rights Abuses Against Black, Brown and Indigenous Peoples

Introduction: The Context of Our Work and Why We are Here

The fact that the United States has committed an array of human rights abuses against Black, Brown, and Indigenous Peoples should be as uncontroversial as it is incontrovertible. There is widespread agreement that settler colonialists committed genocide and other crimes against the Indigenous populations while taking their lands. No one would disagree that enslaved Africans were forced to work the settler colonial lands for hundreds of years in subhuman conditions.

The historical record tells the story of additional human rights abuses committed against Mexicans and other groups as the US expanded West and colonized countries like Puerto Rico. No one doubts that Japanese were forced into concentration camps during World War II or that Blacks were lynched and brutalized during Jim Crow. The current President of the United States acknowledges these crimes. His Secretary of State recently confirmed this while stating, “great nations such as ours do not hide from our shortcomings; they strive to improve with transparency.” (visit the website to learn more!)


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