Honor Lives Lost – Candle Lighting Ritual to #FreeThemAll



A ritual of remembrance towards releasing people incarcerated in California – #FreeThemAll

We invite you to the launch of #HonorLivesLost, an online weekly candle-lighting ritual to uplift incarcerated people we have lost to COVID-19 and #DeathbyIncarceration in California.

These gatherings will take place every Sunday at sunset via Zoom in both English and Spanish, and include an #HonorLivesLost facilitator and a rotation of experienced healers. They will also be live-streamed through the Ella Baker Center’s Facebook page. Organizers and advocates across the state have created this space so we can come together to mourn the lives of people we have lost and send light and love to families grieving the unnatural deaths of their loved ones. We hope this effort will grow and support our ongoing demands to release incarcerated people who face a potential death sentence amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.


SOURCE: How to Join: bit.ly/honorliveslost

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