Racial Capitalism and Crisis (Socialism 2020)


DESCRIPTION: Join Robin D.G. Kelley, Grace Blakeley, and Brian Jones for the opening plenary of Socialism 2020 Virtual. Register for the conference at www.socialismconference.org. We open the conference with a panorama of our present political landscape: a global pandemic, racialized health disparities backed by racist police violence, and the likelihood of a major economic crisis. This panel will situate our moment and prepare us for what is to come by explaining the contours of the new world we are entering, and how it has been shaped by the racialized capitalist system we still have with us. The conference will open with a performance of Frederick Douglass’s “What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?”

SOURCE: Socialism 2020 is sponsored by Haymarket Books, Jacobin, and the Democratic Socialists of America. Learn more at socialismconference.org.

CONTRIBUTOR: Claudia Alick

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