soft light by Aleshea Harris & Whitney White


DESCRIPTION: soft light Written by Aleshea Harris Directed by Whitney White Produced by The Movement Theatre Company Editing by Tarik Smith & Matthew Russell Sound Design by Sinan Refik Zafar Narration by Aleshea Harris Featuring: Jozben Barrett, Keelay Gipson, Kenard Jackson, Andy Jean, Daniel Alexander Jones, Cheri L. Miller, Ashton Muñiz, Lynn Nottage, Shaina Lynn Simmons, John Sweet, Kara Young soft light is part of a digital initiative entitled Resilience which was inspired by Aleshea Harris’ critically acclaimed play What to Send Up When it Goes Down, directed by Whitney White.

SOURCE: The Movement Theatre Company. – Online love letter drive @loveletterstoblackpeople on Instagram where audiences can view and send messages of love, recognition, and solidarity. – Aleshea’s website a virtual extension of WTSU’s purpose, a space where people can honor those lost to anti-black violence, send love letters of hope and affirmation to Black people and access additional resources related to communal healing and social justice.

CONTRIBUTOR: Claudia Alick

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