What happens to Black women and girls in a world without police? with Dr. Brittney Cooper

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DESCRIPTION: Timestamps: ‘ 2:30 Why Breonna Taylor’s death has gotten less attention than George Floyd’s 4:40 Backlash for fighting for Black women and girls 6:30 When will Black women be more than an afterthought? 9:30 Erasure is hurtful. 12:30 Performative wokeness 15:00 BlackWomenStayHome hashtag 25:00 What is state violence? 30:30 Including Trans and Nonbinary people into our movements 32:30 Are Black women’s needs being left behind in social justice work? 39:00 What happens to Black women and girls if we get rid of police? 55:30 Dr. Cooper’s book Beyond Respectability 1:02:30 What we need from white women right now? 1:06:30 “I am not my ancestors” is dumb.

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