Why It’s Not So Simple To Arrest The Cops Who Shot Breonna Taylor

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DESCRIPTION: JAMILES LARTEY. “because of a tangled legal doctrine that applies to Kentucky and 28 other states. There is no specific law in these jurisdictions addressing police shooting in self-defense, which means officers have the same rights and obligations as any resident. Yet police have the unique power to initiate violence—like knocking down the door of a private home in the middle of the night—that other people don’t.”

Seth Stoughton, a professor at the University of South Carolina School of Law. “Most states don’t allow someone to claim self-defense when they are an aggressor,” he said. “But most states also say that when police are acting in their official capacity they can’t be aggressors for purposes of self-defense law.”

SOURCE: https://www.themarshallproject.org/2020/08/08/why-it-s-not-so-simple-to-arrest-the-cops-who-shot-breonna-taylor

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